Managing Director

John is a Managing Director of Petra Capital Properties and a Registered Representative of Saxony Securities, Inc. He is responsible for marketing the Company’s securitized Delaware Statutory Trust (“DST”) 1031-Exchange offerings throughout the western and midwestern region of the United States. John specializes in providing advanced 1031 tax deferral and passive income strategies to retiring business owners, rental property landlords, and farm and ranch sellers. He offers keen insights and a unique perspective to investors transitioning into a new season of life as they move from the wealth accumulation phase to the income distribution phase.

Working with Petra’s independent full-service real estate investment team, John has access to an extensive property research database and proprietary technology platform. By combining Petra’s deep real estate underwriting experience with predictive technology tools, John is able to provide investors access to more than $3 billion in individual 1031 DST replacement property interests, representing all major asset classes and diverse investment strategies. As an independent 1031 DST portfolio advisor, John collaborates with each client to create personalized and diversified DST 1031 portfolios that match their combined investment goals of tax deferral, diversfied property ownership with passive income, and simplified estate planning.

John has more than 30 years’ experience as a senior executive in sales management and client services. His exceptional relationship skills enable him to genuinely empathize with the many challenges facing property owners as they reposition their real estate holdings for long term capital preservation and income protection.

John lives in Castle Rock, CO. He enjoys CrossFit, motorcycle riding, skiing, whitewater rafting and hiking fourteeners.

John can be contacted at