Managing Director

Rick Miller is a Managing Director at Petra Capital Properties and Registered Representative of Saxony Securities, Inc. He is responsible for marketing the company’s boutique 1031 replacement property investments known as a Delaware Statutory Trust (“DST”). Rick is passionate about helping investment property owners retire from active management and experience the lifestyle freedom that comes from passive portfolio income. Using Petra’s proprietary 1031 DST research database and Custom DST Portfolio Design Center, Rick has access to more than $3 billion in high-quality 1031 replacement property interests featuring all major asset classes and diverse investment strategies. Investors can select from hundreds of Class “A” commercial and multifamily residential properties featuring proven cash flow and institutional property management. Each Petra-designed DST portfolio is personalized to match the investor’s unique risk tolerance, cash flow requirements, and estate planning needs.

As a native of California, Rick focuses primarily on west coast property owners, facing the multiple risks of property ownership including heightened regulations and taxes, higher operating costs, and adversarial landlord-tenant laws. Having personally invested in real estate over the past 40 years, as well as managing properties and tenants directly, Rick brings invaluable insights to his role at Petra and has first-hand experience of the many challenges facing rental property owners. His personal experience gives him a unique perspective with other investors evaluating the hold versus sell decision and the many benefits of converting active property management into diversfied streams of projected passive income.

Rick’s journey into the realm of DSTs is unique. Ready to get out of the rat race of property management himself, he stumbled upon DSTs talking with a friend and pursued a solution with Petra. Recognizing the incredible benefits of the DST strategy firsthand, Rick decided to dedicate his life to sharing his knowledge and educating others about the many benefits of passive income DSTs. He particularly enjoys working with older investors that have worked a lifetime to accumulate wealth and are now at a stage of life where their hard-earned wealth needs to work for them. Rick calls it an evolution from Return on Investment to Return on Life!

Beyond his passion for educating real estate investors about the benefits of DSTs, Rick boasts an exciting and unexpected background as a world champion motorcycle speedway racer. Rick lived in Europe and traveled the world winning national and international championships over his 13-year professional career. After retiring from racing, Rick became a highly decorated stuntman based in Los Angeles, CA and has won several individual and team stunt awards over his 30+ year career, doubling as a professional stuntman for A-list stars.

Currently residing in Santa Clarita, CA with his wife, Rick enjoys staying active in sports and flying (he is an instrument-rated pilot). He is particularly proud of his two children – a daughter, who is a seasoned news reporter in the top tier market of Los Angeles, CA and son, an established stuntman/actor with a strong focus on stunt rigging and coordination.

Rick’s multifaceted experiences and genuine passion for helping others make him a trusted advisor in both the financial and personal realms, as he seeks meaningful conversations with acquaintances old and new.